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Box cooker Kluminos


Fluorescence imager

Solar cooker

Point of care Testing

Diagnostic Cartridge

Diagnostic device

Medical monitor

Diagnostic device

Remidio Fundus on Phone


Fundus camera

Aina blood testing device

Microfluidic cartridge

Microfluidics test fixture

Thermal printer


KUMMAYA DESIGN STUDIOS was started in 2007 in Bangalore, India. We specialize in Industrial design and Engineering design of Medical products. 20 years of serving customers in India and in the US to bring out their dreams into product realities. 


In this process we have created several international patents for our customers. Few of our work has transformed into big time names in the industry.


Our involvement starts early in the development process to enable proper design strategy.  From early ideas to proof of concepts and developing technology part we put in dedicated effort to ensure world class design. 


Over the years we have seen the trend of Design taking the lead to define the product and then we find an engineering solution that will enable the design. We follow this philosophy of design. 

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